COVID-19 Survey

Over the past 6 months, we invited biobank participants to complete a survey about your experience with the COVID-19 coronavirus. Thank you to all who participated!

The survey asks about testing, symptoms, healthcare access, and possible exposures. So far, over 16,000 participants have responded. Among these, 24% have been tested for COVID-19, and 10% of participants reported that they tested positive.

In addition, about 40% reported having at least one related symptom since the virus took hold earlier this year. The most common symptoms reported are shown below.



These data and other information provided by participants may help researchers understand the health impacts of COVID-19 and why it appears to affect some of us more than others.

If you would still like to complete the survey, you can do so using the survey link that we sent to you via email. Look for future invitations for another chance to complete the survey.