Genetic Ancestry And Its Relationship To Modern Disease

By Chris Gignoux, PhD

Genetic ancestry shapes every bit of our genetic makeup. As our ancestors crossed the planet, they left their genetic imprint.

Our ability to understand the genetic causes of disease and provide personalized medicine is linked to our ability to look at a person’s ancestry.

My research group is interested in understanding genetic ancestry and its relationship to modern diseases.

I work as part of a national research consortium, called the Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology Study (PAGE,, where we are trying to discover the genetic causes of common diseases and traits in diverse populations.

The Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine is an ideal place for me to be. There are only a handful of hospitals in the country that collect this kind of data for research, let alone provide opportunities for patients to benefit from the return of their genetic results.

So a big “THANK YOU!” to the patients who have participated in this research.

I look forward to the opportunities to make discoveries and to share these discoveries in the future.

Chris Gignoux, PhD