Get to know the team: Clinical Operations for the Biobank

Emily Roberts, Program Manager

The Biobank Clinical Operations team works on all operational aspects of patient recruitment, sample collection, patient and provider education, and coordination of activities between UCHealth and the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM) Biobank. Our recruitment efforts are primarily focused on the UCHealth patient portal, My Health Connection, and we work with both our ethics and patient advisory committees to improve consenting materials and delivery. 

If you have consented to the Biobank and have a clinical blood draw, a UCHealth clinical staff member will collect additional tubes for the CCPM Biobank. The Clinical Operations Team have made sure that staff across the UCHealth system are trained to collect these tubes of blood and deliver it securely to the Biobank laboratory. In the near future, we will be collecting an additional type of blood sample so we can learn more about the way people’s bodies function. 

We are also working hard to return genetic test results to patients that are relevant to their health. The Biobank has begun returning results in partnership with UCHealth that may help your provider better prescribe certain medications. The goal of returning these types of results is to increase the likelihood that your health care team can provide the right medication at the right time. Additionally, the Clinical Operations team is on hand to respond to patient inquiries about the study. We also incorporate feedback from participants and patients to improve Biobank operations and health care delivery in the UCHealth system. We appreciate your participation and commitment to helping us make new research discoveries and advance personalized medicine.