The Biobank Is Beginning To Return Pharmacogenomic Results To Participants

Thank you for joining the Biobank at the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine. By participating, you are contributing to research that will help us to learn more about the role of genetics in disease and to improve and ‘personalize’ medical care.   

The Biobank is a joint effort between UCHealth, the University of Colorado and Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Over 60,000 participants have already joined the Biobank, and this number continues to grow! In the near future, we will be opening enrollment to patients at all UCHealth facilities.

The goal of the Biobank is to collect blood samples from a large and diverse group of people from across Colorado and the surrounding areas, to analyze the samples to identify genetic variations, and to link these data with information from the electronic medical record to create a rich database for research. 

Approved scientists will be able to study these data, and make new discoveries that can lead to new therapies and health interventions. 

Thank you again for agreeing to be a part of this exciting study. We could not do this without you!


Kathleen Barnes, PhD, is the Principal Investigator for the Biobank