Participation In The Biobank Is Climbing!

More than 87,000 individuals have joined the Biobank and we are well on our way to meeting this year’s enrollment goal of 100,000 by June 2019.

In our last edition of Discover, we mentioned our plan to expand enrollment across the UCHealth system. Since August, 30% of new participants have enrolled from Northern Colorado and Wyoming, 40% from the Denver area, and 20% from the Southern region. There has been a terrific response from across our state and region!

The value of the Biobank is our members. In return for your help, we are committed to assuring data Security, Transparency, Engagement, and open Participation for our members – our STEPs to success.

We look forward to sharing updates on the groundbreaking research made possible by your participation. Your commitment and generosity are helping us change the future of health care.

On behalf of the Biobank team, thank you!