Updating Your Biobank Consent Form

We have changed the consent form to reflect some of the changes to the research study.  Participants who joined the biobank before October 2019 signed an older version of the consent form, and are invited to update their consent at this time.

The updated consent form contains information about:

  • the purpose of the biobank research study and your rights as a participant
  • the people, institutions, and companies outside of the University of Colorado that we may partner with and share data
  • clinical genetic test results that the biobank may be able to return to you.

No, if you choose to decline the updated consent form, you will still be enrolled in the biobank. However, you will not receive any future clinical genetic test results from the biobank.

If you wish to withdraw from the biobank, you must request to withdraw by phone at 303-724-9944 or through our website by clicking on link: https://www.cobiobank.org/withdraw/

Clinical genetic test results may not be available for all participants. It could also take many months or years for some results to become available. For more details about the types of genetic test results that the biobank may have and how these results will be sent, read the FAQ on the biobank website.

We may share your information with some federal agencies, authorized researchers, commercial companies with whom we partner, the Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board, the biobank team, and UCHealth officials.

To determine if you need to update your consent, click the link below to go to your My Health Connection portal.  Click on the “Tools” tab at the top of the page, then click on “Research Opportunities”.  From here, you can choose to “View Consent”.  If available, you can either accept or decline to update your consent or skip to view later.  

My Health Connection

If you have questions or concerns about the new consent form, please contact the biobank before you sign at: 303-724-9944 or CCPM-Biobank@ucdenver.edu.

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