Why Participate

We aim to make research studies available to everyone, not just those with certain conditions or diseases. Common diseases and treatments need more research, and for that, we need you to take part and to donate your unique sample—and thousands of others—to continue to make discoveries that will help us understand why some people get diseases and why some treatments work well for certain people.

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You can help in this important research by consenting to be part and donating a sample to the Biobank. Your sample will join thousands of others for cutting-edge research aimed at making discoveries that could improve healthcare for everyone.

When you donate a sample to the Biobank you are helping researchers understand how differences among people, such as in their genetic information, affect people’s health, and risk of disease. Researchers will be able to do all types of research by looking at your sample and health records. Importantly, by having a bank of data and samples ready to be used, researchers don’t have to wait, enabling them to begin their important work sooner. We hope that one day we can benefit healthcare by finding ways to diagnose medical conditions earlier – even before symptoms appear – and help find new treatments or medications to manage common diseases.

Although we cannot guarantee it, we may also learn something that is medically relevant for you when we process your sample. If you signed a Biobank consent form on or after October 1, 2019, you have consented to having results returned to you if and when these become available. If you signed and earlier consent form, you must update your consent if you would like to have results returned to you. Click here to read about how to update your consent. More information about the types of results we may be able to return can be found on the Return of Results page.

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