Will I Get Any Results Back?

As samples are processed and genotyping is completed, the Biobank is generating information that may be medically important for some participants.

This information is about genetic variations or changes in DNA that may affect how a person reacts to certain types of medications or that may increase risk of certain diseases, such as cancer or heart disease. For many of these diseases, there are medical options to reduce risk or manage the effects of disease.

Before sharing this type of information, participants will need to sign a second consent form. We will begin reaching out to participants over the next several months to do this.

If the Biobank invites you to consent for return of clinical genetic results, this does NOT mean that you have a genetic variation that may affect your health or risk of disease.

There are three types of results we may be able to return to participants, specifically clinical genetic test results that may predict:

1. Response to medications, which may help healthcare providers choose a medication or understand if a person needs a different medication or a different dose of a medication.

2. Risk of certain diseases such as some cancers, heart diseases, muscle diseases, or other diseases.

3. Risk of being a ‘carrier’ for a disease, which may increase the risk of certain diseases occurring in a person’s children.